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Irish Travellers in the U.S.A.


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This site serves two purposes for the author.  

One is simple, merely a site to mount some photographs and print a few scribblings.  

The second might be more interesting to visitors in many ways, but necessarily obscure to those who are not related to my maternal line: The Irish Travellers.  There are those who say that they (or perhaps we) are none but scam-artists and thieves.  

I say not; that I have been privileged to be kin to a clan of hard workers and survivors, by and large an honorable people.  Perhaps there will be enough material in these pages eventually for visitors to make their own informed decision about that.

Are there grifters among us?  Yes.

But there are many among you who may also be justly called "criminal."  

Surely not all or even most of you, however.

Nor most of us either.


To play (MIDI), click here As I Roved Out *See note below.


If you are an Irish Traveller who has found this page, then:

"Yoordjeele's soonee-in munya, [soobya] [laakeen]; mishlee too this wraank."  

Which means:

"It's good to see you, [cousin]; enter this 'site.'"


If you needed the translation, then I welcome you instead as a non-Traveller, one of the "Monkeri Needjee" or "Country People."


Any questions or comments?  

Please feel free to e-mail me at: Travellers' Rest          

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